Wifey With a Knifey: Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Banana Mini Muffins

Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Banana Mini Muffins

Guest blogger Christina comes back to Wifey With a Knifey… yay! This beautiful marathoning mama of two shares her take on some yummy mini-muffins and a wifey’s right to dark chocolate and wine. #foodgoals.

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Wifey With A Knifey: Hershey's Chocolate Pretzel Kisses

Hershey’s Chocolate Pretzel Kisses

My addiction is the ever amazing salt/sugar combo so I love making these, especially during the holidays. I’ve never seen anyone turn down the offer of one. Suddenly, one turns into a handful and before you know it you’re hooked. Try making these at your next get together, I guarantee – a crowd pleaser. This year I made them for a family dinner at my house and brought them to 3 houses on Christmas. They’re easy to make and everyone loves them. Score!

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