Valentine's Day Super Soft Playdough Recipe

Valentine’s Day Super Soft Playdough Recipe

It’s been over a year since I last posted and I can’t think of a better recipe to post upon my return. A lot has happened since 2014 and most of it had a lot to do with the heart. Love and heartache and starting up again.

I won’t bore you with the details as I am quite bored with the details myself. Let’s just say that sometimes you have to fall completely to pieces before you can be whole.

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Chicken Braised in Red Wine and Rosemary

Chicken Braised in Red Wine and Rosemary

I’ve got nothing to say about this dish except if you’re making mashers from scratch start them first, then do the chicken and finish sides in the last 10 minutes. Comes out perfectly times and your hubby will punch you in the face because mmm-mmm-mm!

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Pumpkin Pie Playdough Treat Bags! { Free Download }

Pumpkin Pie Playdough Treat Bags! { Free Download }

Ah, Halloween… that blissful time of year in Colorado that used to signify the first impending snowfall (cue costumes buried under winter coats). Although now Facebook is full of posts proclaiming Flip flops in October! I love Colorado! and I can’t help but freak out internally It’s not that quirky Colorado weather! It’s GLOBAL WARMING! SAVE YOURSELVES! EAT THE NEIGHBORS! SAVE THE SEALS!!!!
And then I leave 5 lights on and leave a room.

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Look What I Made! { Bench Cushions }

Look What I Made! { Bench Cushions }

I really wanted to title this post OMG Something I Made From Pinterest Actually Came Out The Way I Wanted It To! but it wouldn’t fit. You know what does fit? These homemade bench cushions I made over the weekend. Oh yeah, my Saturday evening was spend toddler in tow at the local JoAnn Fabrics where a lot of grandmas and other parents without lives spend their Saturday nights. I waited 2 hours to get my fabric cut. My kid deserves a medal for good behavior. That or a pony.

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Wifey With A Knifey:

Shortcakes & Tea Time

There are two great indulgences in this world that are available to everyone from high class to white trash and that’s real butter and afternoon tea. Like many, we drink a lot of coffee in our house: to get us going in the morning and keep us going during the day. Hubby’s family also has this ritual of coffee after dinner that carries over into our home at times as well. There is something about having tea, however, that is a sort of special occasion. It slows down time; the 10 minutes spent is exceptional.

I like to honor these distinctive yet rare occasions with a notable treat as well. My favorite as of late are these buttery shortcakes. While they are well intentioned for other things like strawberries and cream cheese, I encourage you to treat yourself to an afternoon tea like the queen you are and serve these shortcakes like scones.

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White Chicken Enchiladas With Green Chilies & Greek Yogurt

Wifey With A Knifey: White Chicken Enchiladas With Green Chilies & Greek Yogurt

My mouth is watering just thinking about writing about this dish. My gal pal, Independent Scentsy Consultant, and keeper of my dirty little secrets turned me on to this recipe by Let’s Dish Recipes. I’ve made this many times and each time I have swapped out different ingredients to change it up a bit. The best thing about easy and delicious recipes like this one is you really have to try hard to mess it up. After all, it’s mainly green chili and cheese and tortillas. Three of my favorite things.

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Wifey With A Knifey: Baby Bullet Review

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

Every soon-to-be mom has the best of intentions when it comes to their soon-to-be baby. For this mom, it was 100% natural birth, exclusively breastfeed for 1 year, cloth diaper only, and make my own baby food from the organic vegetable garden I would grow in the backyard.

Now I know why there is jarred baby food. Who has this kind of time?! I proudly admit I stuck to most if my mommy goals (I’d say 80%) and although I never did manage to grow that garden, I have found some time to make baby food from purchased organic fruits and veggies. Next objective was to find a way to puree all those fruits and veggies for Baby to eat!

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